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Moldova adopts regressive electoral law - statement by ALDE Party President

Reacting to the vote today in Moldova’s Parliament to change the country's electoral system, ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP said: “I am extremely disappointed at today’s decision and the regression away from democracy that we are seeing before our eyes in Moldova.”

“Before today, Moldovan politicians were elected by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency, but now it will be through a mixed scheme where voters will cast their ballot for candidates in individual constituencies as well as via party lists. Combining this with electoral thresholds, these changes will unfair hit the smaller and opposition parties in the country, and ensure that the country’s MPs are no longer either proportional or representative of the country that voted for them.”

“I am extremely disappointed that by voting for this change, Moldova’s MPs have totally disregarded the recommendations of the Venice Commission which clearly recommended that no change be made. Instead they have opted to strengthen the autocracy of the Democratic Party (PDM) and the Socialists (PSRM) who together already have more than half of the seats in Parliament.”

“It is regretful that this electoral law has been adopted in a hasty and opaque manner without the full involvement of the opposition or civil society and I am very worried about the long-lasting effects this would have on the integrity and accountability of Moldova’s MPs and Parliament itself towards its citizens.”

“I have already been in contact with our ALDE member party in Moldova and European liberals will continue to monitor the situation.

Moldova is due to hold Parliamentary elections in November 2018.

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