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ALDE Party press release

NEOS returns to the Austrian Parliament

In today's legislative elections in Austria, ALDE member party NEOS obtained 5.2% of the vote, positioning themselves from 6th to 4th force in Austria.

Speaking after the exit poll of the snap parliamentary election in Austria, ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP commented: “I am delighted to see that ALDE Party member NEOS will return to the Austrian Parliament, renewed with enthusiasm and determination to reshape Austrian politics. It is encouraging to see that in a campaign and environment of increasing nationalism,  the most open-minded and liberal party in the country is able to garner such support across the country.”

“I look forward to continuing to work with NEOS as they build upon their record of service in the Austrian Parliament."

ALDE Party Vice President and NEOS Deputy Chairman Angelika Mlinar MEP said: "From a parliamentary group of zero MPs before 2013 to now celebrating a second successive successful parliamentary  election campaign, NEOS has come a long way. I'm proud to be part of this liberal voice in Austria and hope that NEOS will keep transforming the political scene in my home country."

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