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ALDE Party press release

As the EPP and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy bring together its collection of tired, old leaders and political visions for its Annual Congress in Madrid, European Liberals gather in the same city to engage with Ciudadanos, the latest in a trend across Europe of fresh, new liberal-centrist forces emerging in many countries across the continent disrupting the de-facto old bi-polar party systems.

Present at the meeting today in Madrid, ALDE Party Secretary General Jacob Moroza-Rasmussen said: The ALDE Party and its members across Europe present pertinent and increasingly popular visions for the future of Europe, with continued election successes and the ALDE Party now representing almost as many seats around the European Council table as the EPP, with the expectation of more to come.

We welcome the emergence of the many liberal-centrist forces across Europe such as Ciudadanos in Spain, Nowoczesna in Poland, NEOS in Austria, SMC in Slovenia, ANO in Czech Republic and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Romania who all have challenged the existing status quo and changed politics as usual in their countries.

The EPP has problems and should take actions within its own ranks rather than just bury its head in the sand to consolidate power. If it wants to be a force for good once more, it should seek common solutions that don’t divide the EU, not be afraid to sanction its own, and help us build a stronger Europe that defends the liberal values the Union is built upon and create prosperity for the people.

Note to editors:
As of October 2015, ALDE counts seven EU Prime Ministers

The ALDE Party consists of 55 member parties and many individual members from 37 countries across Europe.

The ALDE Party will host its 36th Annual Congress in Budapest, Hungary from 19-21 November.

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