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ALDE Party press release

Commenting on the results of the snap Parliamentary elections held on Sunday 11 September in Croatia, ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP said:

I would like to congratulate the ALDE Party member parties Hrvatska narodna stranka – liberalni demokrati (HNS), Hrvatska socijalno-liberalna stranka (HSLS) and Istarski demokratski sabor (IDS-DDI) for their respective positive results in this snap parliamentary election.

They made positive campaigns for the promotion of liberal and democratic future for Croatia and we look forward to working closely with them to ensure they are positive and constructive forces during the next parliamentary term for the betterment of Croatia and its citizens.

In what are turbulent times across the European Union, I hope that rather than spend more months in political turmoil, Croatia is able to form a stable and serious government that can begin to lead the country back towards economic growth. I hope also that this new government can also repair relations within the region with its neighbours Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina that regrettably soured during the campaign.

HSLS, led by Darinko Kosor, was part of the coalition headed by Andrej Plenković of HDZ that won the most seats in the election and will have the best chance to form the next government. But with 61 seats it remains short of the 76 seat majority required. HSLS maintains its presence in the Parliament.

Led by Ivan Vrdoljak, HNS contested the election as part of the People’s Coalition headed by Zoran Milanović of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia. The People’s Coalition won 54 seats and will be the second largest bloc in the next Parliament. HNS will have ten members of Parliament, with its candidates performing particularly well in preferential votes.

IDS, the party lead by Boris Miletić which has been in power in the Croatian region of Istria for more than two decades, participated in just one constituency in this election with two parties from the neighbouring Primorje-Gorski Kotar county. They maintained their three seats in the national parliament and came close to gaining a fourth seat.

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