23 May, 2024

PRESS RELEASE - Sandro Gozi at the 2024 Eurovision Debate

Sandro Gozi represented Renew Europe Now at the European Broadcaster Union stage. With a message strong on security, freedom and reform, Gozi emphasized that: Today we face challenges of the same scale as those faced by the EU’s founding fathers and mothers. The same vision and the same sense of urgency. This is what we must show. And future generations will judge us by this.

"Europe needs waking up, she's half asleep"

“Putin will not stop in Kiev,” Gozi warned. War is back in Europe, this is pivotal to acknowledge for our platform. In today’s world, aggressive empires and brutal violence are back everywhere you look, starting from Ukraine. Gozi concluded “ the EU must become a true military and diplomatic power.”

NATO and Europe need to be reinforced, this is why is clear that we need to strengthen defense in the EU. Key will be the defense industry, a purveyor of jobs and innovation. For the next five years our focus in the coming five years will be defense and security.  “We need a real European Power: if you're not powerful enough to sit at the table, then you end up on the fixed menu, a menu decided in Beijing and Washington,” Gozi warns. Gozi furthermore criticized the EPP’s lead candidate’s late response to defense, too little too late. That is why we’re calling for a 100 billion € plan financed with joint bonds. A plan initiated by Renew Europe Now’s leadership of Macron in France, Kallas in Estonia and De Croo in Belgium.

Don't stop EU now!

There is a need to make the Union of 27 less complicated, more democratic and more decisive. Renew Europe Now is convinced that in the European Council we cannot continue with in every area.  We have an obligation to reform our treaties. “We must reform the Union to unify the continent,” so Gozi’s call during the debate.

More competition and cheaper prices for everybody

There is no time for green backlash or green fatigue. The green deal passed thanks to the work of our group in the last mandate. And now it is time for a strong implementation.

Embracing innovation and technology neutrality. More pragmatism and dialogue with young people, farmers, business, families. Further simplifying rules and funding, especially for farmers and Small businesses. It is not citizens, farmers and small businesses who should pay for the green transition.

Gozi calls to create new own resources and to embrace innovation while making the single market more sustainable to empower our citizens.

This is our chance to save Europe. This is why I fight for a Europe of concrete solutions. I fight for a Europe that multiplies rights and opportunities for everybody. I fight for a stronger European democracy. And this is why we must Renew Europe Now,” said Gozi.

About Sandro Gozi

Former diplomat, he also teaches European Politics and Institutions in several European and American Universities. He worked 10 years in the European Commission and from 2000 to 2004 He was member of the cabinet of Commission President Romano Prodi. He has served as Italian Secretary of State for European Affairs under the Renzi and Gentiloni governments (2014-2018) and was subsequently appointed advisor to the former French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe in 2019.

Elected in 2019 in France, Sandro Gozi is a Member of the European Parliament in the Renew Europe Group, Renew coordinator in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and member of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection and of the Committee of Regional Development. He is also Secretary General of the European Democratic Party. On 8 March 2024, he was nominated as the EDP's lead candidate at the Florence Convention.


For questions about the Renew Europe Now campaign, reach out to Luis Cano -  [email protected] (+36704092084) or Alessio De Giorgi (+393357513921)

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