19 Feb, 2020

Progresívne Slovensko ready for elections

On Saturday 29 February, Slovakia will vote in parliamentary elections to elect the new Slovakian assembly and the country’s new Prime Minister.

ALDE Party member party Progresívne Slovensko will contest their first national parliamentary elections as part of a coalition list with Spolu and are currently polling at 9%. They are looking to build on last year’s very positive results, when they won 20% of the vote and elected two members to the European Parliament, and later that same year in the presidential elections, the party’s former Vice-Chairwoman Zuzana Čaputová won 58,40% of the vote as the lead candidate for the party. In 2019 European elections, in a coalition with Spolu (Together Party), Progresívne Slovensko won the elections with 20% of the votes and secured two MEP seats for Michal Šimečka and Martin Hojsík.

The party currently has one Member of Parliament, Martin Poliačik, who joined the party after his election to the Parliament. He is currently the Vice-Chairman of the ALDE Group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

In these upcoming elections, Progresívne Slovensko is again running in coalition with SPOLU. Together they signed a non-aggression pact with the extra-parliamentary For the People Party and the Christian Democrats to oppose the ruling coalition of SMER-SD, SNS and Most–Híd. The pact is an agreement for the parties to not campaign against each other but express the interest to seek common ground in an attempt to reach a possible coalition agreement after the elections.

Party’s vision for the 2020 elections:

In their electoral vision, Progresívne Slovensko puts the focus on human capital and makes a plea for a new economic and social model in order to achieve a fair and efficient state that strives for a cohesive society in a safe, confident and sustainable country. With this text, Progresívne Slovensko sets a number of goals for 2030, including among others:

You can read their full vision text here.

Progresívne Slovensko leader Michal Truban leads the coalition and currently polls around 9.3% as fourth biggest force to the Slovak Parliament. The full candidate list is available here and you can follow the party’s campaign trail here.

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