19 Sep, 2018

Radikale: towards a greener, freer and stronger Denmark

From 15 to 16 September, Radikale Venstre hosted their annual Congress in Nyborg, Denmark. The large event came only a couple of days after the party had presented "Forward", their radical plan for the future of Denmark. "Forward" proposes real solutions to questions, such as how should we live together, how to create true security or how to lead Denmark to get confidence and optimism back.

Radikale leader Morten Østergaard called for a freer, greener and stronger Denmark in his opening speech: "We have presented a plan, "Forward". 132 concrete initiatives towards a greener, a freer and stronger Denmark. So now the time has come to reach out for the cooperation of all those who want to work towards the same direction. The time has come to roll up our sleeves."

Toni Roldán (Ciudadanos), from the ALDE Manifesto Drafting Committee, joined the event and offered an inspiring speech on the importance of bringing pro-European forces together: "We need to learn the lesson: all progressive forces, those that believe in Europe, based on reasons other than fear should get together as a united force and defend a stronger and liberal Europe."

The Congress also served as an opportunity to re-elect Morten Helveg Petersen MEP as Radikale Venstre's lead candidate for the 2019 European elections. Following his election, he said: "I'm glad that the Congress trusts me. I am very excited to lead the election campaign and fight for a greener, stronger and more viable Europe.".

Karen Melchior, a participant from our 2018 European Women's Academy, was elected as number 2 in Radikale's list for the European elections.

Find out more about the Congress on Radikale's website news section, Facebook and Twitter.

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