15 Sep, 2021

Renew Europe calls for EU strategy to combat Afghanistan crisis

During a European Parliament plenary debate on 14 September, the Renew Europe Group expressed its concerns about the unfolding humanitarian, economic and migration crisis in Afghanistan, which needs a stable and inclusive government that respects fundamental human rights in order to be able to end the free fall of the country’s devastated economy.

In a resolution up for vote on 16 September, Renew Europe calls on the EU to continue to support for all democratic forces and civil society activists, many of whom are now in exile, so that they can continue to work to preserve the achievements of the last 20 years. The EU and its Member States must work together to facilitate the further evacuation of EU citizens and Afghans at risk, and to make sure that humanitarian assistance to Afghan civilians in need is channelled through relevant international organisations and NGOs.

Petras Auštrevičius MEP (Liberal Movement, LT), Chair of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with Afghanistan, has urged the European Council, the European External Action Service (EEAS) and European Commission to prepare and present a comprehensive strategy for future engagement with Afghanistan and neighboring countries to the European Parliament. He said:

“Our strategy for Afghanistan is to protect Afghans and sustain our joint achievements. We have to secure the lives of Afghan change-makers and civil activists, and to save millions facing poverty and famine. We must demand the Taliban ensures basic rights, in particular of women and girls, and we need to build solidarity among Member States to welcome the Afghan asylum seekers.”

Photo credit: Fred Marvaux, European Parliament 2021.

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