20 Oct, 2021

Renew Europe elects Stéphane Séjourné as new President

On 19 October, Renew Europe MEPs elected Stéphane Séjourné MEP (LREM, FR) as the new President of Renew Europe, the liberal and third-largest political group in the European Parliament.

Séjourné, formerly leader of the French delegation in the Renew Europe Group, has sat in the European Parliament since 2019.

Following his election, Séjourné declared:

"It is an honour to have been chosen to chair the Renew Europe Group and to lead the various projects that will occupy us for the second half of this mandate. Our group is diverse, but united and strong in responding to the concerns of our fellow European citizens. I have one ambition for my political family: to continue to be the leading pro-European force in the European Parliament and in the EU Member States, with a view to the 2024 European elections. At a time when illiberal governments are questioning the foundations of the European construction, Europe needs a liberal and centrist voice more than ever.”

Photo credit: Alexis Haulot, European Parliament 2021.

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