05 Oct, 2021

Renew Europe: EU-US relations the geostrategic priority for this decade

The Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament has reconfirmed its support for strong EU-US transatlantic cooperation, partnership and friendship, a cooperation which is built on common values.

During a European Parliament debate this week on the future of EU-US relations, Renew Europe called for a new transatlantic agenda that pursues common interests and promotes multilateral cooperation for a more equitable and healthier world, the digital transition, the fight against climate change and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

In the debate, Renew Europe also stressed how the transatlantic alliance remains fundamental for the security and the stability of the European continent, as NATO is the foundation of Europe’s collective defence and a key pillar of European security.

Therefore, Renew Europe is calling for closer foreign policy coordination on all relevant files and welcomes the recent relaunch of a comprehensive EU-US high-level strategic dialogue on China. The Group is also calling for more coordination and an enhanced EU-US partnership on the Indo-Pacific region. Europe needs common plan of engagement with Russia and a renewed partnership with Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans countries.

To achieve this, a strong and united Europe is needed - to share the burden and act when needed to protect European strategic interests, especially in areas where US interest is waning.

Dragoș Tudorache MEP (USR PLUS, RO), member of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with the United States and Shadow Rapporteur on the future of EU-US relations, said:

“Strengthening and growing the relationship between the EU and the US is the most important geostrategic priority of the decade. A global pandemic just ravaged the world; we see a sharp rise in authoritarianism fuelled by fake news, fake science, propaganda and disinformation; China continues to assert itself in a quest to remake the rules of the international system in its own image; and the transition to a digital economy and society brings with it novel threats and empowers various actors to challenge our security and our democracy. The way Europe works with the U.S. will determine if the future of the world will be democratic and defined by our shared values or if it will be shaped by alternative visions of governance.”

You can watch Tudorache’s full intervention in the European Parliament below.

Photo credit: Open Democracy

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