17 Jul, 2023

Renew Europe: International cooperation key to AI development

Last week, Renew Europe reinforced its call for international cooperation and the development of fundamental principles on generative AI, to manage its risks and realise its opportunities. 

During the latest Plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Group secured a debate with the European Council and liberal European Commission Vice-President Věra Jourová 

The Group believes a code of conduct for generative AI is a starting point for more cooperation, to put in place a set of fundamental principles that can guide its development and ensure it delivers for everyone. 

ALDE Party Vice-President Svenja Hahn MEP (FDP, DE), Renew Europe shadow rapporteur in the European Parliament Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, said: 

"In the EU we have paved the way for the first-of-its-kind legislation on Artificial Intelligence, that can also serve as a blueprint for like-minded partners. The international cooperation with our G7 partners is key for AI development and use based on democratic principles. A code of conduct for generative AI is a starting point for more cooperation instead of falling for over-regulation of new technologies.” 

Dragoș Tudorache MEP (REPER, RO), Renew Europe co-rapporteur on the AI Act in the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home affairs, added: 

"Generative AI presents tremendous opportunities and is bound to transform multiple sectors of our economies and societies. But, like any other AI, generative AI is a tool: if misused, it can help generate and spread disinformation undermining our democracies, and, if trained with no rules in place, it can threaten the work and livelihood of artists and content creators. That is why democracies and industry need to come together and agree on a set of fundamental principles that guide the development of generative AI in the service, and for the benefit, of humankind. The Parliament position on the Artificial Intelligence Act provides a good starting point for this global conversation."

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