09 Jul, 2024

Renew Europe’s priorities for a competitive, secure and free EU

Renew Europe discussed in a first exchange the cornerstones of its policy priorities, marking the beginning of a new mandate in the European Parliament. 

As the flag bearers of European liberals and centrists, Renew Europe will advance an ambitious programme based on the protection of fundamental democratic rights, reform to promote sustainable growth, increased competitiveness and the creation of a European Defence Union. 

Renew Europe rejects any deal for the next European Commission President involving extremist or populist politicians, and calls for the implementation of the Asylum and Migration Pact and Green Deal that were shaped together. 

The next Commission must embrace a new spirit of institutional reform, including the unfulfilled promise of the right of legislative initiative for the European Parliament, accountability, respect for parliamentary work and parliamentary scrutiny. 

The Group will continue supporting Ukraine until the full restoration and control of its internationally recognised borders, and campaign for a fully-fledged Security and Defence Committee in the European Parliament.  

"Renew Europe is determined to heed Europeans’ concerns by demanding a stronger and more effective European Union,” said Renew Europe President Valérie Hayer.  

“We want a bold European Commission that defends European values and does not tolerate Rule of Law backsliding, a Europe that listens and adapts to new realities. Europe must take its destiny into its own hands.  

“We will not work with populists, political extremists or those who undermine the European Union we have built together. A stronger Europe can only be built from the political centre, which we embody." 

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