22 Nov, 2022

Renew Europe welcomes COP27 agreement, urges more action

Renew Europe welcomes the agreement at COP27 to support vulnerable countries in tackling the effects of climate change but warns that more action is needed. Though the Conference reached an agreement to support the most vulnerable countries in tackling loss and damage caused by climate change, it failed to make the necessary progress to accelerate the green transition.

Renew Europe applauds the progress made on establishing a fund for the most vulnerable countries suffering irreversible damage from global warming. But despite this, the Group regrets that there has been no real progress on further commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or phase out fossil fuels. This pivotal moment to fight climate change has turned out to be a missed opportunity.

Renew Europe remains committed to meeting the Paris Agreement and urges the EU institutions to relentlessly continue their efforts to convince other countries to take the vital fight against climate change seriously. There is little time left to avert the dangerous effects of climate change. The need for greater climate ambition and efforts to cut dangerous greenhouse gas emissions is more pressing than ever.

Nils Torvalds MEP (SFP, FI) who attended the COP27 UN Climate conference in Egypt said:

“Despite the progress on climate financing, this COP did not deliver what it should have. Stepping up climate action and the phase out of fossil fuels are becoming even more urgent in the coming months and years, and we must do more to keep the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees within reach and to protect those who are most vulnerable to the inevitable effects of climate change.”

Morten Helveg Petersen MEP (Radikale Venstre, DK) who also took part in the COP27 UN Climate Conference commented:

“The EU has brought hope and ambition to the global climate fight during COP27, yet we must be disappointed that fossil fuels are being kept alive for too long.”

Pascal Canfin MEP (L’Europe Ensemble, FR) Chair of the European Parliament ENVI committee said:

“As expected, the COP27 was disappointing. We know that many key elements are now taking place outside the UN framework. It would be far too simplistic to limit climate action to the COPs. It is time for S tates to respect their commitments and organize the green transformation of our economy. By acting on the financial, commercial and industrial rules of the game, Europe is helping to advance new international cooperation and to move the lines around the world and to invent a new climate multilateralism.”

Photo credit: Renew Europe

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