Resolutions & Voting


Resolutions & Voting


Voting Delegations

As per ALDE Party statutes, delegation lists close one week prior to the Council Meeting.

The deadline for closure of delegations is Friday 13 October at 12:00 CET.

After this time, International Officers will still be able to validate the attendance of delegates from their parties, but will no longer be able to allocate voting rights or make changes to their delegations. The ALDE Party Bureau can allow for changes to delegations in exceptional circumstances such as flight cancellation, sickness or unforeseen political developments. 

A complete delegation list, updated following the statute changes adopted in Stockholm, showing number of voting delegates per party can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Urgency Resolutions

As stated in the Internal Regulations of the ALDE Party, only full member parties may propose urgency resolutions for discussion and adoption at the Council.

These must relate to current or recent political events or to topical issues that have occurred since the last meeting of the ALDE Party Council (26 May 2023, during ALDE Party Congress in Stockholm).

Draft urgencies may not exceed 300 words. The Council shall decide which draft urgency resolutions to debate, after considering the recommendation by the Bureau.

Draft urgency resolutions must be submitted to the online platform. 

The deadline for submitting urgency resolutions is Thursday 19 October at 12:00 CET.


Accessing the resolution platform

Draft urgency resolutions can be submitted via the online platform at

This platform will be available at the start of October, and International Officers will be able to log in using the same login credentials as for the registration system.


Urgency resolution Working Group

Submitted urgency resolutions will be circulated to member parties and will be subject to discussion during a working group during which registered delegates can present oral amendments for discussion and adoption.

Further organisational information will follow in due course.

Upon conclusion of the working group, the amended resolutions will be circulated to member parties ahead of the Council meeting when a vote will be taken if or not to adopt as amended.


Any questions?

For any queries related to urgency resolutions, their content, submission, or discussion procedure, please contact:

Andrew Burgess, Senior Political Adviser
[email protected] +32 2 551 01 65


Download here the ALDE Party Member Parties Council delegations list.

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