30 Apr, 2024

Rudik: Punish Russia for ecocide in Ukraine

ALDE Party Vice-President Kira Rudik called to hold Russia accountable for environmental crimes in Ukraine following a meeting with Sweden’s Minister for Climate and Environment Romina Pourmokhtari. 

Rudik, leader of ALDE Party member Golos in Ukraine, said the issue of recognising ecocide in Ukraine was emphasised during the meeting with her liberal colleague from Liberalerna. 

“We are currently working with partners in this direction, so we have also sent a corresponding appeal to the Swedish Ministry of Environment,” said Rudik. 

“We also discussed nuclear safety issues and the situation with the occupation of the Zaporizhzhia NPP. The enemy still uses nuclear blackmail, and the international community must make every effort to secure the ZNPP.” 

During the visit to Ukraine, Swedish minister Pourmokhtari also held meetings with parliamentarians Yulia Ovchynnykova, Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze and Andrii Osadchuk, noting Ukraine's steps in environmental protection. 

“Romina Pourmokhtari saw with her own eyes what Russia has been doing in Ukraine, and even in such difficult conditions, Ukrainians continue to live fully and appreciate every minute. We also highlighted the progress in reforms for environmental protection,” added Rudik. 

Rudik publicly thanked ALDE Party members for their positive response to a letter sent to them last week, which included a call to help Ukraine close its airspace and provide the necessary air defence systems. 

“I want to thank the leaders of the European liberal parties for their efforts, and for keeping Ukraine at the center of Europe's security,” she said. 

“We were assured that the work to support Ukraine has not stopped, it is ongoing, and although we are not seeing the results as quickly as we would like, they will definitely come, because it is impossible to stop this work.” 

Photo: Kira Rudik 

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