19 Feb, 2019

SAB re-elects party leader ahead of EU elections

On 16 February, the Slovenian Alenka Bratušek Party (SAB) held its annual Congress, with the re-elected party leader Alenka Bratušek emphasising the importance of a strong Slovenia within a strong European Union.

In her speech to Congress, she said: “In a common Europe, we have something that we have never managed to keep for so long – that is peace. The EU is first a peace project. ... However, Slovenia must be heard and strong within this union of countries.”

SAB and another Slovenian ALDE member party SMC will run a joint list in the European elections. Ahead of her re-election as leader, she added: "We're proud of our achievements ... nothing was given to us, what is more, many have tried to undermine us. That's why we are still here and even stronger." Four party Vice-Presidents as well as party Council representatives were also elected.

SMC Vice-President Lilijana Kozlovič who attended the Congress said: "The SMC and SAB parties are creative members of the current coalition and government. I am convinced that with our common list in the European elections we will succeed, as the parties guarantee the development of a free and free-thinking Europe."

Representatives of other parties, such as LMŠ Vice-President Jerko Korče and Austrian ALDE MEP Angelika Mlinar, also attended the Congress and congratulated the re-elected party leader. Commenting on the party, Mlinar said, “The success of SAB will be success for the EU. The EU is a great asset that needs nurturing, and your party is aware of this.”


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