Support media freedom and plurality in Poland!

Today, the ALDE Party Secretary General, Jacob Moroza-Rasmussen, issued the following statement on the situation of Polish media plurality:

Ahead of the vote in the Polish Senate on 9-10th September 2021, the ALDE Party salutes the courage of opposition Senators in Poland trying to block the Polish government’s anti-media-freedom law. The ALDE Party stands with the Polish people who do not want to see their government control their media. Europe’s Liberals oppose any efforts to restrict the plurality of media in Poland. 

The law, that passed through the Polish Sejm through dubious procedural manoeuvres, would stop non-European companies from owning media outlets in Poland. If passed, this law would give the government a way to silence voices in the media, thereby limiting freedom of speech in Poland. This backhanded tactic to limit the opposition to the government’s retrograde policies goes against core European values.  

We support the opposition’s efforts to defend media plurality and media freedom in Poland. The ALDE Party will continue to defend these core European values for as long as far-right governments in Poland and other European countries try to limit citizens’ access to free media.

Polish President Andrzej Duda must step in and block the passage of this law. It is up to the President to defend the basic tenets of European values and protect media freedom and plurality in Poland. Share with:

Jacob Moroza-Rasmussen

ALDE Party Secretary General


Our past petitions have helped the EU be declared a LGBTQI+ freedom zone, adopt severe EU sanctions against Belarus and stop the outlawing of abortions in Poland.

Join our demand to get Andrzej Duda, the current Polish President, to act and defend European Values, sign our petition!

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