24 Nov, 2021

Stakeholder Series Event: Can Europe future-proof AI? In partnership with Adobe

When: 2 December | Where: Online 

Make sure to tune in to our next Stakeholder Series event in partnership with Adobe. Register here and find out more on who will be speaking and the topics that we will be delving into.

How can Europe future-proof AI?

Register to the event now here! Don't miss this event with keynote speech by Svenja Hahn MEP, Member of AIDA Committee and inputs from Stefanie Valdés-Scott, Senior Manager Government Relations Europe, Adobe. Other speakers to be confirmed very soon!

The ongoing digitisation of European society relies on the implementation of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).  In simple terms, a machine capable of following a fixed set of rules to obtain a certain output, can be defined as Artificial Intelligence. AI systems are already embedded into many daily online tasks: from advertisement system to content recommenders, text prediction, streaming of content etc. This all happens through the implementation of algorithms. It is therefore essential to understand how this technology works, and the impact it will have on our future societies when it comes to safety, security and fundamental rights protection.

The European Institutions are aiming to regulate the implementation of AI, while following a risk-based approach, to deploy it in a way that will safeguard both fundamental rights and values, while also ensuring transparency and accountability. To this purpose, earlier this year the European Commission unveiled a proposal for a new Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act).

During our Stakeholder series event in partnership with Adobe, we will be discussing the challenges that the large-scale deployment of AI systems poses to our society and how the EU should be implementing an “AI Act” which can effectively protect citizens from discrimination and breaches of human rights.

The event will discuss the AI act’s scope and also delve into transparency obligations and voluntary codes of conduct as well as how to best harness the potential of this technology while limiting its high-risk factors. It will look at international cooperation in AI development and at the role of the EU when it comes to setting the global standards for the deployment of this technology.

To register for this online webinar please do so here.

Event details

When: Thursday 2 December 2021 from 9:00-10:00 CET


Keynote speech by Svenja Hahn MEP, Member of AIDA Committee

Stefanie Valdés-Scott, Senior Manager Government Relations Europe, Adobe

Discussion questions

Why is it so challenging to make algorithms more transparent, and explain how automatic decisions are being made?

Can Europe set the scene when it comes to international AI standards – as in the case of GDPR? Is it realistic to have global AI standards, given the variety of tech industries/services?

Where do countries across the globe – and in particular China – stand in their approaches to AI?  Could they come into conflict – or complement – Europe’s approach?

As entities worldwide face increasing cybersecurity challenges, is AI delivering on its potential to fend off future attacks?

To what extent can the EU's Cybersecurity Strategy, and the upcoming Cyber Resilience Act, help the EU defences in facing future threats? How can key innovators build innovative tools whilst complying with Europe's regulatory framework?

.. .and more!

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