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Steering Committee - Individual Members

The Steering Committee was created in early 2014 and the first elections were held in April 2014. It is elected ahead of the ALDE Party Congress every two years.
A new steering committee was elected at the start of November 2015.

Fabio Bauer

Before being elected Members of the Steering Committee, Fabio Bauer was Country Coordinator for Belgium. In this role, he set up the Belgium Executive Board, composed by five regional coordinators who now decide the objectives and execute the activities around the country. Professionally, he is the Director of Security and Defence Programmes at YPFPFabio holds a Master in Political Science from the ULB (Belgium) and in Economics from the PUCP (Peru), and an Executive Diploma in Global Competitiveness from Georgetown University (USA). 

Portfolio: Capacity-building (trainings for members and coordinators, induction)

Julie Cantalou

Julie Cantalou has been the Chair of the Steering Committee of the Individual Members since April 2014. In her professional life, in her role as Head of the Public Policy Unit at the University of Southampton, she aims at bridging the gap between academia and policy, and promoting evidence-based policymaking. Before joining the University of Southampton, she was the European Affairs Manager of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. Ms. Cantalou has a Master of Arts in Political Sciences from the University of Geneva.

Portfolio: Strategical and political development of Individual Membership (general coordination of Steering Committee, relation with ALDE Party Bureau, relation with ALDE Group, strategic partnerships, elections)

Yuri Guaiana

Yuri Guaiana holds a PhD in the History of Contemporary Europe and a bachelor's degree in Political Sciences. He worked as a fellow with the History Department at the University of Milan and was elected, with the Italian radicals, Deputy Mayor of Milan District Zona 2 in 2011. He has been secretary general of the Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti - an Italian organization promoting Human Rights, Civil Rights, sex worker and LGBTI rights via lobbying, advocacy campaigns and strategic litigations - since 2011. As such, I also sit in the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty (PRNTT) Board of Executive as well as the Radicali Italiani Board of Directors. His passion for Human Rights, liberalism and democracy, brought him to be highly involved with ILGA-Europe, the LGBTI European umbrella organization located in Brussels, in the Executive Board of which, he's been sitting since 2012. In early 2015 he was nominated Italian coordinator of ALDE Party Individual Members and was elected in the Individual Member Steering Committee in November 2015. Finally he is also involved with the work of the Human Rights Committee of Liberal International.

Portfolio: Communication and marketing (app, blog, mailchimp, etc.)

Thalia Ntoka

She is a Chemist with a MSc in Environmental Chemistry and at the moment she works in the Food Industry in Athens where she lives.Managing Individual Members activities and connect them all together in order to achieve Goals and promote our Values is a key Role for our existence and Thalia’s vision for the next two years. Caring for each other and Sharing our believes, will make IMs stronger and wiser.

Portfolio: Community development (cross-border events and cooperation, slack, thematic working groups)


Chris Pyak

Chris Pyak joined the Steering Committee in November 2015. He was a delegate for ALDE Individual Members when they first got voting rights at the ALDE congress in Budapest. Chris aims to increase life chances for Europeans by reducing obstacles in the labour market. As managing director of Immigrant Spirit GmbH he provides career opportunities for professionals from all over the world. Chris lived in five European countries and is now at home in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Portfolio: Membership (campaigning, growth of membership)

Geographical Responsibilities

In order to structure the steering committee work, individual members coordination was divided among the Steering Committee by country:

Fabio: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Russia, United States

Julie: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland, Slovakia, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Yuri: Armenia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine

Thalia: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain

Chris: Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovenia

At local, regional and national level individual members coordinate the events and activities in their part of Europe. They are called the individual members’ coordinators. You can download a list of coordinators via this link. 

Goals for 2016

Since the establishment and election of the Steering Committee its members have helped organising and participated in a large number of events and organised meetings in order to coordinate actions.

The Steering Committee works to:

  • increase membership
  • recruit members in member states where we currently do not have any member
  • set up thematic working groups
  • implement pan-European campaigns
  • increase the visibility and role of individual membership in ALDE Party

Do you want to sign up as an individual member? Please answer a few questions on this page.