09 Oct, 2019

Switzerland to hold federal elections

On 20 October, Switzerland will hold federal elections and elect the 246 members of the Federal Assembly: 200 members of the National Council and 46 members of the Council of States.

A long-time ALDE member party FDP.Die Liberalen remains the third strongest party in the country and is part of the Swiss all-party coalition holding two ministerial positions: Ignazio Cassis, Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Karin Keller Sutter, Head of the Federal Department of Justice and Police. The party currently holds 33 seats in the National Council and 13 in the Council of States.

Party leader Petra Gössi is running in the canton of Schwyz to get back in the National Council.

For the party, the top priorities in these elections are:

The full programme is available here in German, French and Italian.

Follow the campaign of the party on their social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Greenliberal Party (GLP) was founded as an off-spring of the Swiss Green party in 2007. GLP joined ALDE as a full member in June 2019.

GLP predominantly exists in the German speaking cantons and has representation in 17 cantonal parliaments. In the recent cantonal elections, it won almost 13% of the vote in Zürich, 6.5% in Lucerne and almost 7% in Bern. It is also part of several city governments across major Swiss cities. Since 2019, it is represented by eight members in the Federal Parliament.

Party leader Jürg Grossen is heading the list in the canton of Bern (see full list of candidates per canton here).

The GreenLiberal Party has set a list of 26 green-liberal principles in view of the federal elections. Amongst others, these are some of the top priorities:

Full programme in German, French and Italian available here.

Follow the party on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more.

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