02 May, 2019

Team Europe marches for Europe in Budapest

On 1 May, Team Europe members Emma Bonino, Katalin Cseh, Luis Garicano and Margrethe Vestager were in Budapest to take part in ‘March for Europe’, organised by the ALDE member party Momentum in Hungary. The March commemorated Hungary’s accession to the European Union which took place on 1 May 2004.

Consisting of a visit to the Central European University and a march bringing together hundreds of marchers, ALDE’s Team Europe members delivered powerful speeches on the importance of movements such as Momentum, on the oppression caused by Orban’s regime as well as on what the future holds for Europe.

“Rule of law is not just a soundbite. It's the guarantee that we have the freedom to live the life we want to live,” Vestager said in her opening speech, emphasizing that the March was about freedom, progress and unity.

Cseh – who also is Momentum’s lead candidate for the upcoming European elections – reminded the audience: "It's a choice between Orban and Europe. We hope you make the right choice."

"I'll work for a progressive, strong and fair Europe that won't allow that its money feeds oligarchs and governments that mount campaigns against it. A united Europe in which Hungarians can enjoy European rights and no government can undermine that.

Bonino, Senator of Rome and the EP2019 lead candidate for Più Europa in Italy, talked of the importance of not taking Europe’s core values for granted: “Democracy, peace and freedom are fragile. They are a process - they can go forward or backward. The direction depends on you.”

Garicano, EP2019 head of list for Ciudadanos in Spain, summarised the liberal vision for the future of Europe: “We liberals have a vision, a vision of a Europe that is united and renewed. To tackle challenges, we need more Europe, not less Europe.”







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