30 Apr, 2019

Team Europe’s Verhofstadt debates in Maastricht

On 29 April, Team Europe’s Guy Verhofstadt joined an electoral debate in Maastricht to discuss topics and questions relevant to Europe’s youth, ranging from issues related to digitalisation and sustainability to the future of Europe.

“The world of tomorrow is completely different from the world of today,” Verhofstadt addressed Europe’s youth in his opening speech. “It will be a world in which our standards, our way of living, our values, our way of thinking is under threat. [...] We need to create a strong Europe, a united Europe as a counterweight for that.”

Verhofstadt also underlined the importance of a common European migration policy, naming that and other related actions, such as setting up a type of Blue Card, as his priorities.

“It is the lack of a European migration policy that makes in fact the fortune of nationalists and populists,” he said.

You can watch a recording of the debate below in English.

The debate is also available with French and German subtitles.



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