28 Sep, 2020

USR and allies have historical wins in local elections

On 27 September, Romanians went to the polls to elect mayors and councillors in local elections. The elections – originally to be held in June but postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic – were also the first test for the political parties ahead of the general elections to be held on 6 December.

In all municipalities, ALDE Party member Union Save Romania (USR) ran in alliance with PLUS, led by President of the Renew Europe Group Dacian Cioloș. In some municipalities, USR and PLUS joined forces with the PNL in order to defeat the ruling socialist party (PSD).

The USRPLUS Alliance obtained historical results across the country winning in four municipalities and two sectors of the capital.

In Bucharest, the independent candidate Nicușor Dan (supported by USRPLUS and PNL) is set to become the new mayor taking control of the capital from the Social Democrats (PSD). In the General Council, the USRPLUS Alliance became the second force, overcoming PNL.

Renew Europe MEP Clotilde Armand is set to become mayor of Bucharest District 1.

Moreover, in Timisoara, Dominic Fritz will become mayor after the liberal USRPLUS gained the control of the city from the centre right PNL, which was in power for eight years.

In view of the results, USR leader Dan Barna said:

We start tonight the revolution of good governance. This means that for the first time we go from pure and tough opposition to applying our programmes. First in the local, then, after parliamentary, nationwide.”

ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen congratulated USR and allies for the good result.

Le mulțumim tuturor românilor care ne-au votat. Le mulțumim tuturor celor care au venit la vot. Începem din această...

Posted by Dan Barna on Sunday, September 27, 2020


Photo credit: Dan Barna / USR

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