20 Jun, 2023

USR Congress sets vision for 2024 elections

On 17 June, delegates from ALDE Party member USR in Romania came together for a Congress in Bucharest. During the Congress, delegates granted the party leadership a mandate to look to construct a right-wing alliance led by USR ahead of the four sets of elections scheduled for 2024, including the European elections.  

USR leader Cătălin Drulă presented a vision to win the 2024 elections by uniting the country’s right-wing forces against the current PSD-PNL government, as well as 10 principles that would form the basis of a government programme. These included investing public money in education, eliminating privileges, cutting unnecessary state spending, rebuilding the state based on honesty and performance, protecting the environment and investing in green energy. 

Drulă said: “We’ve all joined politics knowing that we need a drastic change, and today’s Romania needs such a change more than ever. I’m asking you today for a mandate to create a right-wing bloc around USR comprising all those who wish for a free and European Romania. Together we will tell each and every Romanian who wants to be involved in bringing about the necessary changes that our door is open. Come join us!” 

ALDE Party co-President Ilhan Kyuchyuk delivered a video message to the Congress, and said: “USR is the only liberal alternative for a modern and progressive Romania. In 2024, we must convince European citizens that our liberal vision is the only solution to solving people's problems.” 

ALDE Party Vice-President Dan Barna was also in attendance and commented: “The USR Congress this past weekend was a battle cry on behalf of all liberal and reformist forces in Romania. Our delegates voted overwhelmingly (92%) to start negotiations for a centre-right political construct led by USR. We will present Romanians a strong and viable liberal alternative to the current ruling coalition of socialists and conservatives.” 

ALDE Party Vice-President Kira Rudik spoke during the Congress and took the opportunity to thank the Romanian people for their support for Ukraine. Renew Europe Group President Stéphane Séjourné also delivered remarks, stating: “USR is a party ready to fight to be the alternative to the current coalition in power and offers Romanians another way in the upcoming election year. Four choices! Four opportunities to defend liberal, centrist, reformist and pro-European values!” 

The leaders of the political parties UDMR, PMP, Forța Dreptei, as well as the Mayor of Bucharest and founder of USR Nicușor Dan were invited to the USR congress and gave speeches. 

Photo credit: USR  

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