Dacian Cioloș, leaving the leadership of Renew Europe Group to “Save Romania”

This month Dacian Cioloș stepped down as leader of the Renew Europe Group to take up a new mission to lead the liberals in Romania and help exit the country from its latest political crisis. 

On 2 October, Dacian Cioloș was elected by members of the Romanian ALDE member party USR Plus (Save Romania Union) as its new leader, and set out on a journey with ambitious goals: winning the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections. He will remain an MEP. 

Currently Romania is undergoing multiple crises: the COVID-19 pandemic has reached this month new highs and every day new record are being broken with new cases per day and deaths, with low vaccination rates and confusing public policies part of the problem. On top of this, the country is without a government, after the coalition government collapsed in early-September.   

Dacian Cioloș, who has served as Prime Minister of Romania between 2015-2016, announced he is ready to take on the difficult role of navigating Romania through its troubled waters, and he was awarded the mandate to try to form a government by the President of Romania.   

Unfortunately, the former coalition parties refused to enter into coalition negotiations and thus the USR Plus Cabinet he presented failed to win the confidence of the Parliament. 

A second attempt at forming a new government is being carried out by Nicolae Ciucă, a retired military general and former Minister of Defence, from the PNL party. If this second attempt also fails, the President can call for early elections for a new Parliament. 

At the time of writing, coalition negotiations are ongoing to try to form a new functioning government. We hope that USR Plus will be invited to participate, and build upon its record in coalition government to help tackle the growing pandemic crisis and lead Romania out of its political crisis. 

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