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Our values

Energy, Environment and Agriculture

Europe’s Liberal Democrats have not just jumped on the recent bandwagon of environmentalism. It is rather the case that the ideas and principles of the ALDE Party in these fields are now coming to the fore. Since the early 1980’s, Liberals have established comprehensive policies on environmental sustainability, energy production, as well as on European agricultural policy.

Culture, Education and Research

The freedom of arts and sciences, research and teaching are one of the cornerstones in liberal societies.While education is important to the individual development of citizens, culture and arts find themselves at the centre of societal development and renewal.

EU Single Market & Economics

European liberal democrats believe in an economy that is based on market principles where individual economic and political freedoms are guaranteed as the most effective system for ensuring future prosperity, encouraging competiveness and ensuring longer-term employment.Therefore, the ALDE Party has consistently been promoting free trade and a fully functioning European Single Market for the benefit of consumers and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

European Democracy

Throughout its party history, the ALDE Party has pushed for a continuous development of the European Union and its institutions towards further integration and democratisation. Find an overview of 35 years of adopted liberal policies within this area.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs have always been at the core of European Liberals’ agenda. Since the founding of the European Liberal Party in 1976, European Liberals have wholeheartedly supported a construction and reunification of Europe by inter alia fair and open EC/EU enlargement, based on applicants implementation of European standards and visa liberalisation processes.

Fundamental Freedoms and Human Rights

Individual freedom is the fundamental belief of Liberalism. Throughout its history, the ALDE Party has always timely responded to the developments and challenges that have threatened freedom, equality and human rights across Europe.

Social Policy

European Liberal Democrats have constantly been at the forefront of acknowledging pressing issues within the area of Social Policy; addressing issues such as gender equality, the right to marry for same-sex couples and more recently the pressing challenges of demographic change in Europe.