16 Apr, 2018

Venstre holds first Congress after joining government

Last weekend from 13 to 15 April ALDE member party Venstre held their spring Congress in Oslo, which was the first since the party joined the government in January 2018. The theme of the conference focused on how to meet future challenges, particularly with the use of technology.

Venstre's party leader and Norway's Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande welcomed the participants with a reflection on Venstre's position in government: "Venstre's job in government is to use knowledge and education to create news jobs that are better for the environment and that provide to citizens every opportunity they can have to succeed."

She also spoke about the relevance of technology in today's world: "One of the most important challenges is to make sure that technology doesn't create new class distinctions: between those who can and those who can't; between those who have access and those who do not. Technology policy is going to be a battle between many different forces."

"We can't see situations in which dads with bad digital literacy are missing out on time with their kids because the exercise was too technically complex, or because the computer they were borrowing from the library did not had an update software. This is a class distinction we don't want to create," she added.

"For Venstre, there is one thing that is quite obvious: the new work life must be based on knowledge. Because knowledge, when it comes to play, is the most important thing we have in a society."

In order to show proof of her words, a robot appeared on stage in the middle of Trine Skei Grande's speech.


Other speakers at the conference included Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg or Liberalerna member Birgitta Ohlsson.

You can find out all about Venstre's Congress on their website, including photos, videos and live TV.

The ALDE Party was also present during Venstre's Congress with a stand explaining the work of European Liberals and Democrats and encouraging participants to become ALDE Party Individual Members. We would like to welcome the more than 20 new individual members who joined us during the event, as well as the members who renewed their membership, such as Grunde Almeland MP or State Secretary and EWA alumna Rebekka Borsch. If you are not an individual member yet, you can still join today here!


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