15 Sep, 2021

Venstre in Norway secures eight seats in Stortinget

On 13 September, Norwegians went to polls to elect their representatives to the country’s parliament, Stortinget. Voter turnout was 77.1%.

ALDE Party member Venstre ran in these elections winning 4.5% of the votes. This translates into eight seats. This is the third time in a row that the party secures over 4% of the vote in parliamentary elections.

For party leader Guri Melby, this was the first time she led the party in a national election since becoming the leader last year. In her speech following the result, she thanked all voters and party members for their support, stating:

“Thousand thanks to all of you who have given your all to this election campaign and to everyone who has voted for us. The commentators and our political opponents didn’t believe [in us] but you did and I did. Together we managed to achieve 4.5%, we progressed from the previous election. Now we will celebrate and rest, it is a new day for Venstre I can’t wait.”

More information and breakdown of the results here (in Norwegian)

Photo credit: Guri Melby

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