31 Aug, 2021

Viðreisn holds national assembly ahead of parliamentary elections

ALDE Party member Viðreisn from Iceland held its National Assembly last week, on 28 August, in the run up to the country’s parliamentary elections that will take place on 25 September.

Party leader Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir and Deputy Chair Daði Már Kristófersson addressed key issues, such as monetary policies, economic recovery and climate change.

Gunnarsdóttir kicked off the assembly highlighting the need to put economic and monetary reforms on the table.

If we get a mandate to do so, our first task will be to negotiate mutual exchange rate hedging and link the króna to the Euro. We should not accept higher inflation, much higher interest rates on mortgages or a more expensive food basket than is known in neighboring countries," she said in her intervention.

Viðreisn members also voted on a political resolution titled Gefðu framtíðinni tækifæri (“Give the Future a Chance”), which would become the party’s guiding text if Viðreisn is part of the next Icelandic government.

This resolution calls for a fairer society based on equality, economic balance and international cooperation. It emphasizes improving the living standards of Icelanders and investing in climate. To make this happen, the resolution lists needs such as a stable currency and active participation in international business to have stronger households, economic progress, increased productivity and more purchasing power.

In his closing speech, Deputy Chair Kristófersson underlined what the September elections are about:

"Whether there will continue to be a consensus on stagnation or whether a liberal attitude will prevail. Whether we have four years of lost opportunities, low economic growth and cuts in public services, or four years of reform, growth, and the creation of new opportunities. We have a responsibility to ensure the latter. To convince voters of the importance and rationality of Viðreisn's policy. This project will be our life until the election."

The latest polls predict 10,7% for Viðreisn, which is 4% more than their result at the 2017 parliamentary elections.

You can re-watch the National Assembly here (in Icelandic).

Photo credit: Vidreisn 

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