10 Apr, 2019

Voters seek alternatives, ALDE survey finds

The EPP-PES status quo in the European Parliament has failed. The rise of the Right is real and it is a direct result of the failure of the mainstream parties. An overwhelming majority thinks the EU has been mostly a good thing for their countries.

These are some of the conclusions that emerged in a survey conducted by ClearPath Strategies on behalf of the ALDE Party across the EU27. The survey included 27,200 interviews collected from January to March 2019, using a variety of methodologies and local partners*.

Jacob Moroza-Rasmussen, Secretary General of the ALDE Party, said: “the EU has a great deal to offer and has done much to improve the quality of life in Europe, but the EPP-PES status quo has failed to keep up with and tackle the challenges of a modern Europe.”

“The gradual collapse of the status quo parties has led Europeans to seek alternatives. And while many have found a voice among the extremist nationalists, an overwhelming majority rejects their vision. An even larger majority just wishes for a Europe that works for them.”

“It is to this majority that Liberals speak as we offer an alternative course—both to the failure of the mainstream parties and the extremist nationalists who seek to throw away the freedoms and prosperity we have secured with a strong Europe.”

“The vacuum of power their decline will cause in the next European Parliament can be filled by Liberals. We have the Team for Europe and a firm vision of a reformed Europe to make it happen.”

Short summary of findings:

Read press release with more detailed information on the survey and findings in full here.

*For detailed methodology, contact ALDE Party’s Philipp Hansen [email protected]

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