30 Jan, 2018

Yavlinsky successfully collects signatures for candidacy

Last December, Yabloko Congress nominated its candidate for the Russian presidential election, with Grigory Yavlinsky, the founder of the party, Chairman of Yabloko’s Federal Political Committee, Doctor of Economics and Professor of the Higher School of Economics (Moscow), being chosen by members.

As a candidate from a non-parliamentary party, Yavlinsky needed to collect at least 100,000 voter signatures to participate in the presidential election in 2018. Yavlinsky’s campaign headquarters has managed to collect over 180,000 signatures in 79 regions of Russia within a month – carefully checked by experts of the headquarters.

On 30 January 2018, Yavlinsky transferred to the Central Election Commission voters’ signatures in favour of his nomination. The Commission will select 20% of signatures for checking purposes and will have 10 days to check them. If the number of spoiled signatures does not exceed 5%, Yavlinsky will be registered as a candidate for the presidential elections that will be held on 18 March 2018.


Yavlinsky said that during his campaign he will "categorically deny” Putin's policies, which "led to isolation, stagnation of the economy and growing poverty, [and] deprived the citizens of any kind of rights."


Stay tuned via Yabloko's Twitter in English!


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