22 Nov, 2022

Young liberals set goals for the next two years

Over the weekend, the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) approved the organisation’s action plan for 2022-2024 at the LYMEC Congress in Bucharest, Romania. Young liberals will focus on six policy areas for the next two years: EU structural reform, democracy and rule of law, environment and energy, digitalisation and security, globalisation and trade and education and youth unemployment.

The event brought together delegates from around 40 liberal youth organisations from all over Europe, and delegates voted on and adopted 17 resolutions. The motions approved intend to defend the rights of Iranian women, continue support for Ukraine and Poland, especially considering the recent missile explosion on Polish soil, protect biodiversity, defend human rights when it comes to international sporting events and others.

At the Congress, LYMEC also welcomed Młodzi Nowocześni, the youth wing of ALDE Party’s Polish member Nowoczesna, as a full member, elected the delegates that will represent the organisation at the ALDE Party Congress 2023 and re-elected Bàlint Gyévai as Secretary General.

The LYMEC Congress brought young liberals from all over the continent to address and bring solutions to the harsh challenges Europe is facing. Solutions and ideas LYMEC will bring forward and discuss with our partners like ALDE Party and Renew Europe’’ declared LYMEC President Dan-Aria Sucuri.

ALDE Party Co-President Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP and Vice President Svenja Hahn MEP attended the Congress, as well as an event hosted by Renew Europe Group on the European Year of Youth, in which Renew Europe President Stéphane Séjourné MEP, Vlad-Marius Botoș MEP and Monica Semedo MEP engaged with LYMEC members. USR Party leader Cătălin Drulă MP also attended the Congress.

During their speeches at the Congress, Kyuchyuk and Hahn insisted on the importance of youth participation in policymaking and the different ways open to them to do so.

The European Year of Youth is important because it allowed young people to be heard, but it is not enough to have one year where we receive input. We need to have more young people elected," declared Kyuchyuk.

No politician can afford not to listen to the youth,” added Hahn.

During the European Year of Youth, ALDE Party and LYMEC collaborated to make the voices of young people heard. One of these collaborations was a video series showcasing young liberals and their projects. The series was presented to the Congress in a compilation video that you can watch here or below.

You can watch the full series here.

Photo credit: LYMEC

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