16 Jan, 2024

Call for tender – Development and design services for a new aldeparty.eu website

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) is the third largest European political family, bringing together parties with common liberal, democrat and reform ideas from more than 30 European countries. The Brussels-based ALDE Party Secretariat supports the activities of the Party; organises its meetings; manages its external communication; and facilitates European policy development and networking amongst liberal parties. To support our growing activities, we are now seeking a service provider for:


1. Purpose of the contract:

During 2024, ALDE Party will invest in creating a new website, with a hard launch of the site expected to take place by October 2024. The website is expected to operate on Odoo platform and be compatible with this platform’s functionalities and features.

2. Required services:

With proven experience in building and designing websites using Odoo platform, the following services are required from the side of the contractor:

  • Organise a round of consultations with relevant ALDE Party staff members to gain an overview for the scope and direction of the project as well as the needs for the visual branding and look of the website
  • Design a functional Odoo-based website which takes into account the complexity of the organisation’s needs, as currently visible at aldeparty.eu, including but not limited to different content types (e.g. articles, personal profiles, interactive maps, pdf uploads…), accessibility features (e.g. photo to text, text to speech), branding and visual identity (logos, photos, videos, typeface), and so on
  • Propose additional tools, such as social media integration tools, website accessibility features, interactive elements and search engine functionalities, which make the website experience even more user-friendly, for admins and visitors
  • Consult and liaise with relevant ALDE Party staff members on a regular basis to ensure the design and functionalities of the developed website are responding to the necessary needs and expectations
  • Import the relevant existing content from the current aldeparty.eu website
  • Hand over the site ready to launch by the agreed deadline
  • Provide access to the relevant CSS/HTML coding ahead of the handover of the site
  • Provide written operational guides/theme documentation for the different functionalities of the website (for example, through pdf documentation or on Gitbook)
  • Provide operational (online or in-person) trainings, if necessary, for the relevant ALDE Party staffers

3. Exclusion and selection criteria:

3.1 Exclusion criteria

Participation in this tender procedure is only open to tenderers (all entities involved, including subcontractors and consortium members) that are not in a situation of exclusion as specified in Annex II, which includes:

  • bankruptcy and insolvency situations
  • non-payment of taxes or social security contributions
  • grave professional misconduct
  • fraud, corruption, participation in a criminal organisation etc.
  • serious breach of contract

3.2 Selection criteria 

  • Proven experience (examples will be required) of complex website creation and development on Odoo platform
  • Ideally experience in creating websites for political organisations or pan-European/international institutions or associations
  • Availability during normal working hours (Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00 local Brussels time) but flexibility during weekends and holidays will be considered a plus
  • Adequately staffed and technically equipped for a smooth and efficient performance of the tasks required in the purpose of the contract
  • Availability to start the delivery of services by the beginning of April
  • Excellent knowledge of English 

4. Award criteria:

Participants will be evaluated on the criteria explained below.

Qualitative award criteria (65%) Minimum points Maximum points
1. The quality and comprehensiveness of examples of previous work in creating and designing websites, notably on Odoo platform 10 25
2. Previous experience in creating websites for political organisations or pan-European/international institutions or associations 20 25
3.  The quality of the timeline proposal for delivery, keeping in mind the deadline of October 2024 10 25
4.  The quality and comprehensiveness of the documentation and training proposal
10 25
Total number of points   100
Quantitative award criteria (35%) Minimum points Maximum points
Overall economic offer as indicated in Appendix I 50 100


We offer:

The contract for the design, creation and delivery of the website will run from the signing date of the contract, expected to be in mid-March 2024, until the end of 2024.

To apply:

Please apply by sending a detailed proposal in English, addressing the below elements:

  1. Overview of your company, including its background, experience, and expertise in providing the required services
  2. Methodology and approach to ensure accurate and timely delivery of services (project implementation proposal)
  3. Portfolio of existing, similar projects developed by your company
  4. Appendix I - Pricing Template
  5. Appendix II – Selection and exclusion criteria

Tenders must be submitted together with Appendix 1 and 2, filled in and signed, by 8 February 2024 to Iiris André, Head of Unit of the Communications and Press unit ([email protected]) and to Mircea Serdin, CRM Manager ([email protected]). The deadline for the selection of the tenderer is set by 5 March 2024.

Annex I Pricing template

Annex II Selection and Exclusion criteria

Tender specifications

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