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I. Use of the Site

These terms of use (hereinafter the Disclaimer) apply to the www.aldeparty.eu  website, hereinafter referred to as the "Site". This Site was created and is managed by ALDE, whose registered office is located at Rue d'Idalie 11 (Bte 2), 1050 Brussels, and whose company number is BE.0866.152.095 (hereinafter ALDE).

Consultation or use of the Site automatically implies full acceptance of the Disclaimer. Access to the information on the information pages is free of charge, but it implies the knowledge and acceptance of the Disclaimer.

When a visitor (hereinafter referred to as "you") continues to consult the Site, this means that he or she has formally accepted the content of the Disclaimer.

Access to the Site is free. You will have to register on the Site, communicate certain data and possibly create an access code or a password to use certain services offered by the Site. If you do not accept the conditions of these services or the privacy policy related to these services, you will not be able to use the services offered.

By simply using the Site, you accept the Disclaimer in its entirety and without conditions and you undertake to respect all its clauses. If you do not accept all or part of the Disclaimer, you are advised to refrain from visiting or using the Site.

These conditions apply to the use of all pages of the Site. At the same time, other conditions or on-line contracts are provided on the Site to regulate particular situations or services offered by the Site. These conditions will be proposed to you and you will have to formally accept them before any use of these services or particular situations.

ALDE reserves the right to adapt the Disclaimer at any time, without prior notice, in particular by virtue of legislative or jurisprudential developments. We therefore advise you to consult the Disclaimer regularly in order to know the most recent version of it. Insofar as possible, in the event of substantial modification of the Disclaimer, information on this subject will be provided on the Site.

In principle, the Site is accessible at all times, except in the event of interruption, whether scheduled or not, for maintenance purposes or in the event of force majeure. ALDE shall in no case be held liable for any damage, whatever its nature, resulting from the unavailability of the Site.

II. Information offered by the site

ALDE constantly manages and adapts the Site in order to provide visitors with the most recent information concerning its products, services and activities. The aim of the Site is to provide visitors with the best possible information. If any erroneous information is published, ALDE will make every effort to correct it as soon as it is discovered. ALDE cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information consulted on the Site.

The information published on the Site is of a general nature, and is not designed to meet every individual need, is not necessarily complete or up to date, and does not constitute individualized professional advice or recommendations. ALDE does not guarantee the accuracy or legality of the information published or offered on the Site (including any advertising messages which are published under the responsibility of the advertiser). The content of the Site (including hyperlinks) may be adapted, modified or completed at any time without notice.

III.          Liability of ALDE

ALDE does not guarantee the permanent availability, without error or interruption, of all functions of the Site, nor does it guarantee the immediate repair of errors or the total absence of viruses or any other damaging element on or from the Site. ALDE cannot therefore be held responsible for any loss or damage (direct, indirect, material or immaterial) suffered in connection with the use of the Site or the inability to use the Site. ALDE declines all responsibility in the event of inappropriate or fraudulent use of the information provided on the Site.

IV. Hyperlinks to the Site

The creation of links to the Site must be communicated to the site administrator. The link must be made in such a way that a new window opens in the browser offering only the home page of the site. Deep linking is prohibited.

V. Hyperlinks to other sites

The Site may contain direct and indirect hyperlinks to other sites of institutions and individuals that are either linked to ALDE or totally independent from ALDE. ALDE shall not be responsible for any content or privacy policy of any site to which a link is provided on the Site. The establishment of hyperlinks to one or more other sites, including links established within those sites, does not imply any association, partnership, affiliation or endorsement of any kind with the institutions providing those sites.

As soon as ALDE becomes aware, on a site to which a link proposed by the Site points, of any illegal content, or content that does not correspond to the intended purpose, the hyperlink will be removed from the site, without this leading to any liability on the part of ALDE for the period during which the hyperlink was proposed on the Site.

ALDE cannot be held responsible for any errors in the website addresses or domain names appearing on the Site.

VI. Intellectual property

The texts, photos, layouts, slogans, illustrations and other elements appearing on the Site are protected by copyright. The ALDE trade name, logos, drawings, slogans and databases are protected. Any copy, adaptation, translation, arrangement, use or modification of all or part of the Site, in any form and by any means whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the prior written authorization of ALDE. Users of the Site expressly undertake to fully respect the copyrights belonging to ALDE and to third parties. ALDE reserves the right to take all measures it deems appropriate to prevent or terminate any infringement of its copyrights, without any liability being attributed to it as a result of such measures.

ALDE only authorizes the visitor to copy, print and use the data on the Site on the sole condition that they are used for the visitor's information and to the exclusion of any multiplication, distribution or commercialization.

VII.        Privacy Policy

ALDE's privacy policy for visitors to the Site is available on the home page of the Site and acceptance of this policy is required to access ALDE's services.

VIII.       Visitor's responsibility

By accessing the information provided on the Site, you waive any claim or recourse whatsoever against ALDE concerning the use of the data or information made available to you on the Site. ALDE shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, whether consequential or incidental. Likewise, by accessing the information offered by the Site, you agree to assume all risks inherent in the use of the Site and to waive any claim against ALDE, including the risk of damage to a computer, software or your data caused by a virus that may be transmitted or activated by the Site or by the fact that you have accessed it.

IX. Security of the Site

To ensure the security of the Site, ALDE will take all necessary measures such as security audits, encryption techniques, secure environments and all reasonable measures and procedures according to the state of the art in the matter. Certain areas of the Site may be restricted and linked to access modalities. In the event of an attack on the Site, computer crime, or any other unauthorized attempt to access all or part of the Site, ALDE will use all legal means at its disposal to preserve the integrity of the Site in collaboration with the competent judicial and police authorities.

X. Nullity of a clause

The nullity, illegality or non-applicability of one or more clauses of the Disclaimer shall not entail the nullity or non-applicability of the other clauses. The provision that is totally or partially illegal, null or inapplicable will be considered null and void, all other terms and conditions remaining applicable. The term declared null and void will then be replaced by another term having the same effect.

XI. Applicable Law

Your visit to the Site implies your agreement to this Disclaimer and therefore constitutes an online agreement, and you agree that any dispute or action relating to the Site or to any data appearing on it shall be governed by Belgian law. By consulting the Site, you acknowledge the jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels, Belgium, and you agree to bring actions in French only before these courts.

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