Elsi Katainen

Flag Finland
Member of party
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Field of expertise: Agriculture, rural policy, regional development and international trade

Between 2007 to 2018, Katainen was a Member of the Finnish Parliament from the Savonia-Karelia electoral district. She is an agrologist and a teacher of vocational subjects.  

She has previous experience in both municipal and regional politics as well as in the national parliament, and at the same time, she has been active in various organisations. 

Her political career began in 2000 when she ran for the first time for the municipal council of her hometown of Pielavesi. She began working as a member of the regional board of Northern Savonia for eight years. The same time period includes her 11 years as a member of the Finnish Parliament, where she was vice-chair of the Centre Party’s parliamentary group.  

In 2018, she became an Member of the European Parliament. During that time, she was also active in Centre Party’s organisations: she was the chair of the Women’s Organisation of the Centre Party for six years. Today, she is still a member of the party government and working committee where she represents the MEP group. 

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