20 Mar, 2024

Liberal partners launch Renew Europe Now election campaign

ALDE Party, Renaissance and the European Democratic Party (EDP) officially joined forces to launch the Renew Europe Now platform at a campaign kick-off event on 20 March.

Renew Europe Now is the common campaign platform of Europe’s centrist, liberal and democratic forces for the European elections on 6-9 June, building on the legacy of the current Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament.

During the campaign kick-off event at the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels, liberal partners unveiled the three-strong team of lead candidates which will represent our platform on the campaign trail.

Marie-Agnes Strack Zimmermann, Chair of the German Bundestag’s Defence Committee, was confirmed as ALDE Party’s lead candidate for the European elections at an Extraordinary Congress in Brussels earlier in the day.

Renew Europe President Valérie Hayer MEP will represent Renaissance, which will campaign in France under the “Besoin d’Europe” joint list with Mouvement démocrate, Horizons and ALDE Party member Parti Radical.

Finally, the European Democratic Party confirmed Secretary General Sandro Gozi MEP as its lead candidate during a party Convention in Florence on 8 March.

“Our message must be loud and clear. Through these challenging times, Europe needs a strong liberal voice. Let us Renew Europe now, together. I am looking forward to an optimistic, pro-European election campaign: I promise you I will give it all that I have. Thank you for your support, and long live Europe,” said Strack-Zimmermann.

“Europe never moves faster than when us liberals are in charge. In the past five years, we managed to place our group, our family, at the centre of the EU. What we see today is a more united family than ever. Renew Europe changed the way that this Parliament works, and we are here to stay. This platform is a testament to our commitment. Whatever our name is, we only have one goal: to paint a brighter future for all Europeans, from Lisbon to Luhansk,” said Hayer.

“Tonight, we have three real candidates, not fiction candidates. We say a clear no to any alliance with the extreme right: our Europe is a Europe of concrete solutions, and we found a few since 2019. We need European solutions to European problems, but the starting point must be our fundamental values. We will always be on the side of liberal democracy, freedom and the rule of law. History is moving faster than us and there is no time to wait,” said Gozi.

The Renew Europe Now lead candidates represent three different policy areas and backgrounds symbolic of the core priorities of Renew Europe Now’s campaign: European defence and security, the green and sustainable transition, and the fight against autocracy and extremism.

Renew Europe Now presented its 10 priorities for the 2024-2029 mandate, with a clear focus on EU defence, competitiveness, individual rights and freedoms, European integration and defence of democracies.

Over 700 participants attended the event in Brussels, which was addressed by various liberal leaders including Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

“Freedom is one of those things that people don’t really think about until it’s gone. Freedom is  priceless, but to keep it always has a price. The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage: but it is not for free, we all pay for it. Today, our leaders are up for the challenge to build a stronger Europe and democracy,” said Kallas.

“These European elections mark a crucial juncture. As liberals, we show profound responsibility in shaping the course of our continent and safeguarding the values that we hold dear. Today, we are a unified family: together, we stand resolute. With our unity, collective efforts and determinations we will be victorious for our citizens and our continent,” said Prime Minister De Croo.

You can rewatch the Renew Europe Now Campaign kick-off event here.

If you want to view photos from the event, check out our Flickr album.

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