Political Programme

Our founding document is the Stuttgart Declaration. Adopted in 1976, this declaration of principles outlines our basic values and vision for Europe. 

In more than 60 years of European integration, the European Union has served us well in achieving peace, stability and prosperity. The EU has promoted and extended to half a billion people the four freedoms: the free movement of people, services, capital and goods across borders. We want the Union to play a key leadership role in tackling today’s and tomorrow’s global challenges.

As such, the ALDE Party believes in a Europe based on the fundamental Liberal principles of liberty, democracy, the rule of law, human rights, tolerance and solidarity. We believe in a fair, free and open society which harnesses the abilities of each and every one of its citizens to participate fully in society, presenting them with the opportunities to fulfil their potential, free from poverty, ignorance, and discrimination.

Our values in action

A prosperous Europe
To achieve these goals, we are striving to complete the internal market as a truly common economic area without internal frontiers and to reform Europe's economy to make it more prosperous and competitive, with more jobs and stable prices for consumers, based on the principle of fair and sustainable international trade deals.

Sustainable development and peace in the world
We are working to promote sustainable development, to protect our environment and fight climate change. As such we must invest in research, security, the environment, and tackling youth unemployment. We are campaigning for a safe and just society, ensuring a more peaceful and stable world.

Renew the European Union
As the most consistent and long-standing advocates of an early and wide enlargement of the European Union, we are delighted to have welcomed into the Union our friends from a succession of new Member States. We are firmly resolved to further deepen, reinforce and eventually enlarge the European Union.

A transparent, democratic and accountable Europe
We campaign for a more transparent, democratic and accountable Europe, taking decisions only on those matters which require European solutions. We are in favour of a systematic application of the subsidiarity principle in order to bring decision-making as close to the citizen as possible and establish a new mechanism that monitors violations of fundamental rights, civil liberties and the rule of law in EU Member States.

We are therefore united in our mission to renew Europe into a place that people can be proud of again. Change is necessary. We must fight for reform, and not let our cooperation be destroyed. No single country can respond to climate change, international terrorism and ensure that globalisation delivers for everyone. Only if we choose to address Europe’s flaws and reform it, the EU will again be a driving force for new jobs, security and prosperity, a renewed Europe.  


Ahead of the European elections in 2024, ALDE Party developed an electoral manifesto that sets out our liberal vision to address the main challenges that Europeans are currently facing. The Manifesto, entitled "Your Europe, Your Freedom: Delivering change for you", was adopted at ALDE Party's Extraordinary Congress in Brussels in March 2024.

You can read and download our 2024 Manifesto in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Ukrainian.

The Manifesto process was led by a Manifesto Drafting Committee represented by ALDE Party full members and other key stakeholders, chaired by ALDE Party Vice-President Svenja Hahn MEPTo ensure an inclusive and consultative process, we provided different opportunities for our member parties as well as citizens, businesses, civil society, and experts to be involved.  

For additional information about ALDE Party's Manifesto 2024 process, please contact Daniela Morales García, Senior Policy Adviser at [email protected].

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