PRESS RELEASE - ALDE Party Congress confirms EU lead candidate and Manifesto
21 Mar, 2024

PRESS RELEASE - ALDE Party Congress confirms EU lead candidate and Manifesto

On 20-21 March, European liberal leaders, decision-makers and party delegates gathered for the ALDE Party Extraordinary Congress in Brussels to adopt key documents and take the first step towards the European elections on 6-9 June. 

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Strack-Zimmermann to lead ALDE Party in EU campaign 

Party delegates voted to approve the nomination of Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann from ALDE Party member FDP in Germany as the liberal lead candidate for the elections in June. 

After her election, Strack-Zimmermann underlined her staunch belief in the European project through the decades and launched a liberal call for unity. 

“We need to stand up against autocrats and populists of the world, outside and inside the EU. The best way to counter them is to offer a new version of Europe: a Europe that makes it easier, not harder, for its citizens, that opens opportunity to investment. I am a passionate European and I believe in this great project wholeheartedly,” said Strack-Zimmermann. 

“It will be a great honour for me to serve as ALDE Party’s lead candidate and I thank you for your support for a new Europe. Liberals, let’s unleash Europe’s incredible potential together! Let’s do this, let’s get to work. Long live Europe.” 

Liberals adopt Manifesto for 2024 European elections 

“Your Europe, Your Freedom: Delivering change for you” – the European liberals adopted their official Manifesto for the European elections, containing our proposals to make Europe more sustainable, safe, free, competitive and fair for all. 

The Manifesto focuses on boosting the EU’s economic growth, reducing our dependencies, increasing citizen participation in democratic processes and enhancing our security and defence capabilities, while helping Ukraine to win Putin’s war of aggression.  

The adoption of the 2024 Manifesto is the culmination of over a year of consultation among ALDE Party members, civil society, citizens and stakeholders, led by ALDE Party Vice-President Svenja Hahn MEP (FDP, DE). 

Click here to read the full manifesto. 

Time for change: Liberals update Charter of Values 

All 76 ALDE Party members co-signed a Charter of Values setting out our principles and key mission, updating the remit of ALDE Party’s founding document – the 1976 Stuttgart Declaration. 

From globalisation to technological innovation, market economies, government powers and freedom of speech, the Charter of Values encompasses the liberal take on some of the most defining issues of our generation from a contemporary perspective. 

Our vision of a prosperous, united, and strong Europe remains valid more than ever before and commits us to continue working in a liberal spirit for the citizens of Europe. 

Click here to read the ALDE Party Charter of Values. 

Key resolutions adopted in Brussels 

During Congress, members voted and adopted three urgency resolutions on ensuring stable military support for Ukraine, responding to the rise of the far right and denouncing the murder of Alexei Navalny and the sham presidential elections in Russia. 

Click here to read all new adopted resolutions. 

Liberal lead candidates share EU vision at Congress 

European election lead candidates from ALDE Party members discussed major issues on the European agenda during the second day of ALDE Party’s Extraordinary Congress in Brussels. 

The day at Congress was opened by a keynote speech by Belarusian democratic leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, who praised liberals for their steadfast support to democratic resistance against Putin’s regime. 

“Europe cannot be free until every European nation is free. Liberals know very well that the fight for freedom and democracy is a global fight. Together, we can make Belarus a success story, and make Europe a space free of tyranny, oppression, and war,” she said. 

The day continued with a panel debate entitled “Making Europe safe: Strengthening security, defence and democracy”, with a panel of lead candidates of ALDE Party members moderated by ALDE Party Vice-President and USR lead candidate Dan Barna. 

Finally, the day wrapped up with another panel debate on Europe’s autonomy, enlargement and reform, moderated by Renew Europe Vice-President Katalin Cseh MEP (Momentum, HU). 

Click here to read the full article. 


You can rewatch some of the recorded sessions on our YouTube channel and photos from the event on our Flickr channel. 

For some of the top social media moments, search #ALDECongress on X and Instagram. 

For more information, please get in touch with ALDE Party’s Campaign Consultant Luis Cano at [email protected] 

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