Urgent: From Europe to Morocco, join the relief efforts!

Dear Liberals,

As Co-President of ALDE Party I write to you with a heavy heart about the recent catastrophe that has befallen our neighbours in Morocco.  

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake has taken a devastating human toll and severely damaged infrastructure in central areas of the country. 

At least 2,800 lives lost. 
Towns and villages destroyed. 
Blocked roads and debris are slowing search and rescue efforts. 

As Moroccans grapple with this immense tragedy, Europeans must lend our collective strength and support to rebuild and recuperate.  

Here is how you can help! 

The European Union stands in solidarity with Morocco. Our collective commitment to humanitarian aid and the well-being of all people drives us to act swiftly.  

I earnestly hope for Morocco's prompt request for aid so that the EU can deploy the necessary resources. 

Until then, our individual contributions matter. Your support, channelled through reliable organisations like the ones below, can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected. 


I urge you to extend a hand of support and compassion in these trying times. Together, we can reaffirm the strength of our global community and the bonds that tie us all. 

Thank you for your understanding and generosity, 


Ilhan Kyuchyuk 

ALDE Party Co-President 

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