28 May, 2019

ALDE big winners in European elections

The big winner of the 2019 European elections is ALDE and our partners Renaissance and USR/PLUS! While counting is still taking place in Ireland and some national results are not yet confirmed, the ALDE grouping looks likely to win around 110 seats in the next European Parliament, with the EPP and Socialist groups both losing seats. For the first time since 1979, the Christian Democrats and the Socialists do not have a majority together. The gains of the Green parties are limited geographically, whereas Liberals did well all around Europe. No solid majority will be possible without our new group.

Compared to the last European Parliament, the ALDE grouping made the most gains of all, gaining in the region of 40 seats.

The liberal voice will be even stronger in the next Parliament, and for this we can all be proud. The extremists have gained seats and the threat to liberal freedoms remains real. It is a long fight and will be a battle in every election. Liberals are best positioned to take the fight to the extremists; in the European Parliament, in national and state parliaments and locally.

Speaking on election night, Team Europe’s Guy Verhofstadt said:

“Europe is back and is popular, as the election turnout is increasing. It is clear that this evening is a historical moment. There will be a new balance of power at the European Parliament. We will reform and renew Europe in the coming five years.”

Our Team Europe lead candidate Margrethe Vestager said:

“Congratulations to everyone who voted and showed support for European democracy. This turnout is a landmark and a signal for change. We can show change by having the first gender balanced European Commission, including women and men who will be making sure we are taking actions and embracing opportunities.”

You can find the most up-to-date results on the European Parliament's designated page.

In the United Kingdom, the Liberal Democrats defeated both the Conservatives and the Labour Party for the first time since the days of Lloyd George to secure second place in a national election, the party's largest ever group of MEPs (16), and their best share of the vote in a decade. In Gibraltar, where 96% voted to remain in the European Union in 2016, the Liberal Democrats polled 77% of the vote. In Northern Ireland, Alliance recorded their best-ever election result and made history with party leader Naomi Long winning one of the three MEP seats.

Stay tuned to this page for more updates from around Europe.



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