04 Oct, 2019

ALDE members ready for local elections in Hungary

On 13 October, Hungary will hold local elections. Both ALDE member parties in Hungary, Momentum and Liberalisók, will be running in the elections. There is no doubt that the country is currently dominated by the ruling party Fidesz, but the traditionally fragmented opposition has moved towards a cooperative relation, and some opposition parties have joined forces to create a solid bloc to fight the party of Viktor Orbán.

Joining the ALDE Party in the 2018 Congress in Madrid, Momentum first emerged as a new political party following a civil society initiative after a successful referendum in February 2017 against Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games. András Fekete-Győr leads the party.

Momentum took part in the 2018 general elections but didn’t manage to get representation and the 2019 European elections when the party obtained their best result ever and secured two MEPs – Katalin Cseh and Anna Júlia Donáth – after getting 9.8% of the vote share.

For the local elections, 200 Momentum candidates will be running across Hungary.

Momentum has launched a programme for Budapest called Budapest 2.0.

The top priorities are the following:

See full programme in Hungarian here: https://budapest.momentum.hu/program/

You can follow Momentum for more information on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Launched as a new party initiative by Gábor Fodor, the former chairman of the Alliance of Free Democrats – Hungarian Liberal Party (SZDSZ), in April 2013, Liberalisók joined the ALDE Party in the 2015 Congress in Budapest.

In the 2018 parliamentary elections, the party ran in coalition with MSZP and Párbeszéd, gaining 12% of the vote and thus becoming the third force.

In the local elections, Liberalisók is running with joint candidates with other opposition parties. In Budapest, the party’s mayor candidate is Sermer Ádám. He has a three-pillar programme that features elements such as developing the city, giving the citizens more say and incorporating innovation.

While the party has no specific programme for the local elections, its general programme includes principles such as:

Full programme (in Hungarian) here: http://liberalisok.hu/ugyek/

You can follow Liberalisók for more information on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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