28 May, 2023

ALDE Party Bureau statement on the participation of Mr Babiš at CPAC event

The ALDE Party Bureau condemns the participation of Mr Babiš, leader of ANO, to CPAC’s event in Hungary. The views generally expressed at CPAC events in no shape or form reflect the fundamental values of the ALDE Party and its members.  

We have and always will be firm believers in and the strongest advocates of individual rights and freedoms, rule of law and democracy. As a party we consequently strive to act in accordance with these values and expect the same of our members. CPAC has as its founding mission to undermine the exact individual rights and freedoms central to and defining for the ALDE Party. Any form of affiliation therefore risks lending CPAC undue legitimacy and raises serious questions as to the values. Irrespective of directly expressing views contrary to our fundamental beliefs or not at the event in question.  

The ALDE Party Bureau will therefore, as requested by the Congress, immediately engage with ANO and its leadership to evaluate their commitment to core liberal values and the mission of the ALDE Party. On conclusion and before the next ALDE Party Council the Bureau will report back with its findings and recommendations for potential actions. Pending the conclusions the Bureau will suspend invitations to Mr Babiš in line with its Congress’ wishes. 

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