04 Apr, 2024

ALDE Party celebrates 75 years of NATO

On 4 April, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) celebrates 75 years of collective defence across Europe and North America. 

Founded in 1949, in the aftermath of the Second World War, the Alliance has expanded from its original 12 founding members to its current 32 and cemented its place as one of the biggest actors for global peace. 

NATO’s dedication to peace, security and freedom has made a profound impact in the world, and in particularly on the European continent. 

Security and defence remain among ALDE Party’s main priorities to deliver a safe, prosperous and free Europe.  

We believe in a robust European Defence Union that complements NATO’s efforts, while enhancing European capacity for independent action and innovation. 

NATO remains the primary structure for military cooperation in Europe and strengthening the EU pillar with NATO is essential.  

“As a proud Bulgarian and a proud European I celebrate the enduring legacy of the Alliance as a cornerstone of European security and transatlantic cooperation,” said ALDE Party Co-President Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP.  

“NATO's steadfast commitment to collective defence has safeguarded our continent's freedom and prosperity for over seven decades. Today it becomes evident that together, the European Union and NATO must stand strong and united in our common pursuit of a safer and more secure future for all." 

As we mark this milestone in challenging times, liberals reaffirm our collective resolve to strengthen NATO-EU cooperation, reinforce our common security objectives, and promote a world built on the principles of peace, democracy and solidarity. 

ALDE Party strives for continued cooperation with NATO and progress towards a safer and free world.

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