19 Jan, 2021

ALDE VP presents candidacy as opposition unite ahead of elections

Working towards the scheduled parliamentary elections in Hungary in 2022, ALDE member party Momentum have begun nominating their candidates to take part in the pre-election primaries with ALDE Party Vice President Daniel Berg submitting his candidacy for a constituency in Budapest.

With a united determination to take the fight to ruling party Fidesz, the leaders of the six opposition parties - Momentum, Demokratikus Koalíció, Jobbik, Lehet Más a Politika, Magyar Szocialista Párt and Párbeszéd Magyarországért Párt - announced in December that they would field a common list in the 2022 parliamentary elections. The six parties will nominate candidates for each parliamentary constituency and the winners of the primary will represent the united opposition in the 106 single-member districts in the 2022 elections.

Daniel Berg, an ALDE Party Vice President and a current Deputy Mayor of the 2nd district of Budapest, will be a candidate for Momentum for the Budapest 4 constituency in these pre-election primaries. 

“2022 will be a fight for the heart and soul of Hungary: after a decade of Orban, we have a chance to build a modern, just, democratic European country,” he said. “My constituency is home to many entrepreneurs and their families. As a liberal candidate,  my priorities will include creating opportunities for businesses hit by COVID, making Hungary competitive in the European market by ridding the country of oligarchs and corruption, and reforming the school system so Hungarian youth can receive a quality education at home.”

Making the announcement, party leader András Fekete-Győr said: “unfortunately, most people today think of lies, theft and hatred when they think of politics. We, the members of Momentum are running so that when we enter Parliament and start passing laws, engaging in real social debates, this House will no longer be seen as a house of lies, theft and hatred, but a house of honour and fairness, representing everyday people.” 

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