12 Mar, 2019

ALDE welcomes adoption of the EU Cybersecurity Act

ALDE MEPs have today welcomed the adoption of the EU Cybersecurity Act, which will strengthen Europe’s cybersecurity, by setting up a European Cybersecurity Certificates scheme for products, processes and services to ensure that cybersecurity standards are met by products and services marketed in the EU countries.

It will also extend the mandate of the EU Cybersecurity Agency, ENISA, allocating more resources to enable it to fulfil its goals.

Pavel Telička MEP, ALDE shadow rapporteur, commented after the vote today: “Cyber-attacks and cybersecurity are very high on the list of concerns of our public and rightly so, as we are still vulnerable to attacks which can lead to the disclosure of data and other serious issues. Tomorrow, it could be a serious threat that could endanger our health, our security, our safety in broader terms.”

“I believe what we have managed to achieve with the Cyber Security Act, as well as with ENISA, is the right response. One of ENISA's first tasks must be the drafting of a cybersecurity scheme for 5G."

"However, I need to say that I would appreciate if some of the Member States would understand better that we are as strong or as weak as the weakest part of the chain. I think that, apart from the Cybersecurity Act and ENISA, we need a change of mind-set.”

“That is why the latest statement of President Macron is pertinent, for example his call for a European Agency for Democracy. I think we have a basis on which we can build on and I will hold President Macron to his word regarding future developments, as we do need to develop it further.”

Morten Helveg Petersen MEP commented: "Today we've adopted the Cybersecurity Act and not only are we making Europe more resilient towards cybersecurity threats, we are also ensuring reliable data protection and privacy for European citizens."

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