24 May, 2023

Alliance Party continues to make gains in Northern Ireland

After weeks of campaigning, the votes have been counted and this year’s local elections in Northern Ireland have come to a close. With 54.71% voter turnout, ALDE Party member Alliance Party of Northern Ireland won 67 seats across nearly all of Northern Ireland’s 11 Local Councils. The party earned 13.3% of the total vote share, with a net gain of 14 seats from the 2019 local elections.

Ahead of polling day, Party Leader Naomi Long MLA said:

“It is more vital than ever to come out to vote and send a message ransom politics isn’t acceptable. The power is in people’s hands. In 2019, the last Council Election also took place with no functioning Stormont. But voters sent a message – that they wanted and deserved functioning institutions which operate every day. That message was heard loud and clear”.

“Local government is a tier of politics which continues to operate, and Alliance Councillors continue to work hard on every Council the party is represented. More Alliance Councillors and more influence means more solutions to the issues which matter to people. No drama, just delivery,” she concluded.

These liberal successes follow local elections in England earlier this month, where the Liberal Democrats experienced their best local election results in decades, successfully defending majorities in 17 Councils and winning majorities in an additional 12 Councils, with a further 407 net seat gain.


Photo credit: © Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

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