18 Feb, 2020

Call for tender – Consultant to coordinate liberal activities in the Western Balkan

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) is the European liberal party composed of more than 60 member parties from more than 30 European countries. Its members share the common belief that freedom is key to the development of the individual and is core to the protection if civil liberties and free markets. ALDE Party works with its members throughout Europe to strengthen liberal democrat parties and policies and to engage effectively with European citizens.

The Brussels-based Secretariat supports the activities of the ALDE Party, organizes its meetings, manages its external communication, provides strategic consultancy and organizational development, facilitates European policy development and networking amongst liberal parties.

To support the networking, exchange of best practices and capacity building among member parties, we are now seeking a:

Consultant to coordinate liberal activities in the Western Balkan

The liberal party scene in the Western Balkan region has been suffering from fragmentation and a lack of coordination for many years. Given recent political developments on a re-assessment of the EU’s enlargement policy and approach highlight the increased need for strengthening liberal parties in the region.

European Liberals can’t afford being only a minor voice and political actor on the ground. Stronger external support and guidance are needed to help consolidate liberal organizations and their ability to contribute to the debate and influence developments in the region.

The contractor is required to perform the following services:

Consultant’s profile

The consultants are requested to submit their profiles and track record of political party consultancy work by 12 March 2020 to [email protected].

A one-year contract will be offered.

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