08 Jan, 2024

Charles Michel to lead MR into EU elections

ALDE Party member Mouvement Réformateur in Belgium confirmed European Council President Charles Michel will be their lead candidate for the European elections in June. 

The nomination was confirmed by party leader Georges-Louis Bouchez at a party meeting on 7 January in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. 

"Freedom and democracy: that's the promise of a better life, that's the European promise. It is the beating heart of the liberal and reformist commitment," said President Michel. 

"I decided to be a candidate so that I could go out and meet people, listen, debate, defend and protect. We want a Europe that respects and is respected, that develops its sovereignty and its power. The Europe we want is the freedom to create. It is the freedom to love. Long live freedom, long live Europe." 

Prior to his role in the European Council, President Michel served as Prime Minister of Belgium between 2014 and 2019 and led MR as its President between 2011 and 2014. 

“What party with the President of the European Council in its ranks would not want him to head its European list?” said Bouchez. 

“[President] Charles Michel is best placed to lead the MR in the European elections. He was at the heart of the EU’s reaction to the COVID-19 crisis, the war in Ukraine, the surge in energy prices and even agreements on environmental issues. He spoke to all the world leaders on the phone and in person." 

Over 1,000 participants attended the event, part of MR’s “Tournée des vœux” series across the country, where the party unveiled its lead candidates for this year’s federal and regional elections for the region of Walloon Brabant. 

The federal list will be led by Florence Reuter, the current Mayor of Waterloo, Belgium, followed by Mathieu Michel, Belgium’s current Secretary of State for Digitalisation. 

For the regional elections, the MR list in Walloon Brabant will be led by Valérie De Bue, who has been serving as Wallonia’s Minister of Civil Service, Tourism, Heritage and Road Safety since 2019. 

“This project will be embodied by figures who come from civil society, who have a political background or an activist background. Our lists will be diverse and equal, reflecting society. They will embody concrete and precise answers. They will show how necessary the liberal project is to straighten out and reform our Regions,” said Bouchez. 

The European, federal and regional elections in Belgium will take place on 9 June. 

Photo: European Council 2023

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