08 Nov, 2023

COP28: Recognition for local and regional authorities

Ahead of the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), Renew Europe CoR is pleased that the European Council Conclusions for COP28 acknowledge the leadership of local and regional authorities in driving climate action. 

It is a move long supported by Renew Europe CoR’s Vincent Chauvet, Mayor of Autun, France and CoR rapporteur on ‘Stepping up Europe’s 2030 climate ambition towards COP26’, who will once again participate at COP28 as member of the European Committee of the Regions delegation. 

COP28 will take place from 30 November-12 December in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Chauvet is satisfied that local and regional authorities will finally gain recognition in the EU COP28 negotiating mandate. 

“Climate change needs the involvement of local and regional representatives. As Mayors, as elected politicians, we want to have our say in mitigation and fighting climate change and preserving biodiversity,” said Chauvet. 

Chauvet had been pushing for more of a leadership role for local and regional authorities in the absence of national governments that don’t seem to manage an ambitious agreement. 

“Cities and regions needed to get this more serious, formal role in the climate negotiations, as they have a serious role in fighting climate change. The EU needs to lead there as well with ambition, giving also direct funding for cities and regions that would translate into tangible projects at the local level,” he said.  

“This would give an additional push to the extraordinary ambitions that are already implemented in many European cities and regions, showing the way to local and regional authorities (LRAs) around the world and give LRAs leverage in accelerating the transition on the ground. 

“If we want to succeed, we have no other choice but to involve and trust Mayors and local representatives. The upcoming COP28 in Dubai can now not forget or ignore that it is us who will have to carry out the decisions, spending the money for the energy transition and decarbonisation, so we require and deserve our important place at the table.”

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