12 Apr, 2019

Cseh: Europe needs young people to stay in track

Team Europe’s Katalin Cseh, lead candidate for Momentum for the European elections, took part in the European Youth Forum’s debate organised in Brussels on 11 April to discuss issues relevant to Europe’s youth, ranging from getting involved in politics to Europe’s sustainable future.

With a low youth participation of 28% in the European elections in 2014, Cseh encouraged young people to take part in building a shared future:

“The future is what you make out of it – if you want it to look like you want, you have to stand up, you have to fight. Every revolution started with the youth, we can’t wait, we have to do it ourselves.”

She also called for more responsibility from the older generations and those currently in power.

“If Europe doesn’t look like an alternative to the youth, they will steer away from it. But without the young people, Europe can’t stay on its track in the long run,” she cautioned.

On Europe’s digital edge, Cseh said that a system revamp of education, jobs and skills would be needed. On sustainability, she highlighted the importance of what a single individual can do to raise awareness and make a lasting difference for generations to come.

“If we want to be mindful of the future, we can’t focus on short-term gains and profits,” she concluded.



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